Mordecai Island is home to a loyal Osprey pair. Their large nest, made of twigs and grasses from the nearby marsh, sits on a platform that overlooks the island’s cove. The platform was erected in October 2016, with design and location guidance from Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ. The platform replaced a deteriorating stand that was constructed in 1994 by neighboring marina owner, Nickie Cotov, who wanted to provide an alternative nesting habitat for a threatened and declining species.

The new platform immediately attracted an unattached male, who defended the site until he finally found his mate in April 2018. The pair returns each spring to Mordecai Island from their respective southern wintering grounds to freshen their nest and successfully breed.

Learn more below about New Jersey Ospreys at Conserve Wildlife Wildlife Foundation of NJ:

2020 Report

Coming soon. See the 2019 report below for the most up-to-date status.

2019 Report

The Osprey pair returned to nest on the cove’s platform. Once again this pair had a successful breeding season with two eggs laid, hatched and fledged. The two nestlings were tagged with federal USGS bird bands and red auxiliary “field readable” leg bands (56/K and 57/K) by Ben Wurst (Conserve Wildlife), which now includes them in Conserve Wildlife’s Project RedBand, a Barnegat Bay-NJ Osprey management and conservation program (Image 19). The data that is collected from local citizen sightings is used by researchers to learn more about the Osprey’s life, habitats, migration, and feeding.

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2018 Report

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