Fiddler crab haven. The island is alive with them.

Mink paw prints

From Left to right: Todd Ebner Reclam the Bay (RCTB) Dominic Tumas RCTB Jack Duggan (Hidden RCTB) Monica Chasten US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Larry Oliver USACE Mark Eberle USACE Al Nitche RCTB Elaine Stevens Mordecai Land Trust (MLT) Jim Stevens MLT Dave Fanz NJDEP Emily Hughes USACE Dr. Ken Able Rutgers Not shown Jim Dugan MLT


Mink damage to terrapin nest

Shellfish abound,  Above the oyster spat grows into 2-inch oysters in 4 months. They love it just west of Mordecai shores


Above, a 3-inch ribbed muscle adheres happily to sea vegetation

Breaking News: Mordecai Island Ecosystem Restoration Project Advances into Design and Implementation with US Army Corps