MLT vice-president Jim Dugan and president Linda Colgan made a late fall site visit to the island on November 1, ferried by RCTB friends Dom Tumas and Al Niche. They were joined by Stan Hales, Director of Barnegat Bay Partnership; Bill Shadel, an ecologist from Shadel Environmental LLC; and Eric Schrading, Field Supervisor, US Fish & Wildlife.

The group walked the western shoreline along the geotube area, then moved north to the beach shores of the former Mordecai cut before taking a final pass around the north end and moving south along the eastern shore and back to Pelham Avenue. With warm weather, sun and low tides, the island gave our visitors a good picture of the Trust’s preservation efforts, as well as what we are fighting against: a large wall of calving on the western shore and a slamming set of waves that hit as we stood in the northwest beach area.

It was a productive day with an easy flow of ideas between these experienced and knowledgeable experts. Thanks to Jim Dugan for arranging the visit and leading the conversation.

Geotubes looking south
RCTB shellbags provide protective barriers along the beach of former “cut.”
Severe calving effect on the northwestern shoreline of Mordecai.
The group: Dom Tumas, Al Niche, Eric Schrading, Linda Colgan, Stan Hales, Bill Shadel, (not shown: Jim Dugan).
Al Niche with finished shell bags for the season.

Stan Hales, Eric Schrading heading out with Dom Tumas at the helm.

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